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Our Story


Delicious food is simple. The best tasting ingredients come from the best farming and land management. The bottom line: Our mission is to be excellent at crafting a fun and delicious experience you want to eat again, and again. We created the Custom Menu Planning process to help you build your dream experience.

Let us design your next food experience. Edible Ambassador philosophy is to transform local, organic ingredients into tasty vibrant food and rich memorable experiences.  We believe food brings people closer together, building a sense of community with every bite.

Know your Farmers! Edible Ambassador values and supports local farmers, ranchers and fisherman, using Monterey Bay Seafood Watch suggestions for sustainable seafood.  Some of our favorite suppliers include: Borba Farms, Blue Heron Farms, Tom Coke Sr. Farm, Fogline Farms, Morris Grassfed, Corral de Tierra Cattle Company, Robbie’s Seafood, Monterey Fish Company, and Real Good Fish.





Catering for Special Events, Parties and Celebrations

You are the Hostess and/or Host, and you want to relax.  Perfect! Call us so we can take care of the heavy lifting and labor of love that is cooking.  It's time to celebrate, throw a party, and bring people together.

Our Chefs and Front of House will take great care of you, your guests and your space.   Our priorities are 1. Delicious Food, 2. Good Vibes for the Atmosphere, 3. Clean and Organized Space.  

Particular? No problem. Whether you are Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivores, Gluten Free… we will take care of you. 

Cooking Classes

Eager to step up your cooking skills and learn from a professional? Or maybe you just want to Play with your Food! 

Perfect...we can create custom cooking classes for you and you can learn from real chefs about Baking, Smoking, Sauteeing, Knife Skills, Chocolate, Pastries, Savory cooking, Vegan Food, Cheese and Charcuterie, Wine Pairing, Finger Food, Tacos, The Art of Sandwich…the list is only limited by our imagination.

Advanced notice required.



Food For Your Home

We Cook It. You Eat it.

Dinner time...quick thinking...easy solution.  You can have pre-cooked, delicious food in your fridge.  All you need to do is heat it up and eat.

 Veggie Curry with Bell Peppers, Zucchini and Pumpkin?  Or... maybe you feel like having Beets, Broccoli and Pesto with Salmon.  How about Roasted Veggies with rich and spicy Chicken Mole.  Perhaps you are craving some Thai Flank Steak and Stir-fried Veggies. All you need to do is heat it up. 

Our Chefs and Menu planners coordinate with you to learn what you like and what you don't like.  We can even map out ideas for trying new things so you can travel the world with a fork.  We can travel to your home, cook, clean and store your food for you. Food Sensitivities Respected.

The best veggies I’ve ever had!
— Chef Al Siekert
Many Many Many Thanks for your great energy and food contributions. Everyone raved about the food and especially the TACO bar. I am still enjoying my carnitas and onions.
— Annee Martin







Our goal is to make sure you have an excellent client experience and that your guests, friends or family share that experience with you.  We look forward to working with you!

Our calendar can book 6 months in advance. Please contact us to make your reservation now.

What type of event or class? For how many people? What type of food? When? What time of year? Location?